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This journey will take us through northern Peru, along costal deserts, central highlands to the very edge of the Peruvian rainforest. Travelling from Caral, considered the oldest ceremonial centre in South America, we will see evidence of the great pre-hispanic civilisations, those of Chavin, Sechin, Moche, Chimú and Chachapoyas. This trip has been organised for those who wish to visit the lesser seen Peruvian archaeological and historic sites. Travellers will be fascinated by the contrasts in beautiful scenery, rich folklore and traditions.

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  • Meeting with our representative at the airport and transfer to the hotel.
  • After 3 hours driving from Lima and crossing a great contrast between desert and fertile valleys you get to Vegueta Museum, which exhibit evidences of the local archeological site of Vichama, the fishing and agricultural town of Caral civilization. The sacred city of Caral is considered the earliest civilization in America with 4,500 years old and recently declares by the UNESCO as the World Heritage. After the visit of this complex will continue driving to Puerto Supe where is located the Hotel.
  • The road crosses between sugarcane crops and ascends the river valley to the open Fortaleza “Conococha” (4,100 m) on the lagoon of the same name, then take the road in the village of Cátac, appreciate the beautiful lagoon Querococha before crossing the Cordillera Blanca Carhuish, the tunnel at an altitude of 4,500 meters to enter Conchucos valley and descend to the village of Chavin de Huantar where Chavín visit the National Museum and the famous archaeological site before continuing to the city Huaraz (3,000 m) where we will arrive to spend the night.
  • This morning we visit the beautiful Laguna Llanganuco (3,860 m) and the “enchanted forest” of quisuares and queñuales located between Huandoy Huascarán and within the boundaries of the National Park Huascaran, then tour the beautiful Andean valley of Easter to reach city “Caraz sweetness”, as he called Antonio Raimondi, where culminates Huaylas, and starts the Canyon del Pato. Now return to Huaraz we stop to visit the Shrine of Yungay where there was the ancient city of the same name, which was buried by the flood caused by the earthquake of 1.970. Spend our second night in Hotel in Huaraz.
  • Cross the Rio Santa (“Holy river“) and take the road that climbs the black mountain to a pass of Punta Callan (4,100 m) from where there is a spectacular view of the Cordillera Blanca, and starts the descent of 160km to the coast, just before reaching Casma to visit the museum and the ceremonial center of Sechin, afternoon travel from Casma to the city of Trujillo (34m). Overnight at Hotel.
  • In the Morning we will visit the site museum “Moche Temples” and the Huaca de la Luna, then walk to visit the historic Trujillo center before heading to Huanchaco beach resort, where we enjoy a delicious sea food buffet, in the afternoon visit the site Museum and the Palace of the city of Tshudi “Chan – Chan”, the capital of the Chimu Kingdom. Second overnight at Hotel.
  • Will enter the valley of Chicama to know the museum and the pyramid “Cao Viejo” where the El Brujo Archaeological Project excavated the tomb of the famous Moche priestess called “The Lady of Cao”.
  • In the town of San Pedro de Lloc Raimondi visit the Museum, housed in the beautifully restored mansion where he died in 1890 the Italian scientist. In the afternoon explore the dunes, the forest of carob and gaps of community conservation area “The Cañoncillo”, then get to spend the night in “Hotel-Spa Pacasmayo“.
  • This morning ascend Jequetepeque the valley, past the dam and reservoir “Gallito Ciego”, reaching Chilete village take the road that goes up to St. Paul to visit the Museum Kuntur site (2,300 m) which displays gold pieces, necklaces of semiprecious stones and votive pottery used by the priests of the formative period 3,000 years ago. The route continues to advance among extensive pine forests to approach the city of Cajamarca (2,720 m) by Huambocancha district, famous for its stonemasons workshops, the rest of the afternoon will be free to enjoy the facilities and hot springs of Hotel Laguna Seca.
  • Today we visit the archaeological park Cumbemayo geo-located at 3,500 meters above sea level, will visit its beautiful forest and its famous stone towers carved in volcanic tuff canal that crosses “the divortium” moving water to Cajamarca, back in town enjoy its typical cuisine and tour the historic center on foot, ending the day visits “Perolitos” Baños del Inca thermal center’s, second overnight at Hotel Laguna Seca.
  • This ridge route, which is fine but not paved affirmed, crosses three mountain ranges and the deep valley of the Maranon River crossing 250 km from Cajamarca to the town of Leymebamba (2,200 m). The fascinating journey of 10 hours we offer a spectacular ecosystem diversity: the high Andean puna partially forested with pines from Europe, the agricultural and livestock area Quechua, the hot dry forest Marañon, the torrid Yunga interandean, the humid cloud forests and frigid Andean páramo. Box Lunch enroute, dinner and overnight at Hostal La Casona de Leymebamba.
  • In the Morning a visit to the Leymebamba Community Museum, which displays 224 mummies wrapped in fine textiles and archaeological collection Chachapoya – Inca rescued from the Lake of the Condors in 1,997, by the afternoon, a comfortable 2 hour hike to observe the Mausoleums Revash, built by the Chachapoyas on the ledges of high cliffs to house their dead elite.
  • Continuation of the journey back to the Utcubamba valley at 1,800 m altitude, where our accommodation is locate it.
  • This morning ascend from the valley of Utcubamba to the fortified citadel of Kuelap it is located at 3,000 meters high, which was built from 400 AD by the Chachapoyas on the crest of a ridge of mountains on the left bank Utcubamba valley. Because of its strategic location, its defensive system, its monumental scale and its historical significance, Kuelap is positioned between the top attractions heritage significance of Peru and the world. After lunch we will continue repairing the Utcubamba valley to the city of Chachapoyas (2,335 m).
  • Overnight.
  • Travel to the province to meet Karajía Luya, the most important group of sarcophagi of the Chachapoyas culture, it is a set of elite anthropomorphic tombs built in situ on the ledge of a high cliff, using cane, clay and lime plaster , to represent the major iconographic attributes that distinguish each sarcophagus used natural pigments applied over a slip of lime. After lunch we travel along the valley and canyon Utcubamba which flows into the broad valley where we will appreciate its extensive Bagua rice, shortly after crossing the mighty river Marañón take the detour to the city of Jaen Bracamoros (660m) where we overnight.
  • The coastal route ascends the western branch of the Andes crossing Marañón Basin to Pacific dry forest by Step or Open to Porcuya at an altitude of 2.137 m, and on the coast and after having enjoyed the lambayecana traditional cuisine, Túcume know the important administrative center founded by the Lambayeque culture and occupied until Inca times, which makes for a stately urban sprawl over 220 acres and its 26 pyramids built around the mountain Purgatory, the which partially ascend to enjoy the magnificent scenery from panoramic viewpoint. Dinner and overnight will be offered by the hotel in the peaceful and welcoming town of Lambayeque.
  • Morning visit the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum to admire the masterpieces of goldsmiths Moche ritual clothing that characterized the Moche elite, including the famous collection of “Lord of Sipan”.
  • Afternoon visit the museum and the funeral platform of Sipan in the village of Sipan, where the team of archaeologists found the tomb of the Lord of Sipan and to date has 16 elite tombs excavated. Finally we transfer to Chiclayo airport for your flight to Lima, upon arrival, transfer to Hotel.
  • Transfer to the airport for you international flight.


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